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Why can't I use AI clipping?
Why can't I use AI clipping?

Troubleshooting AI clipping issues: Understanding common reasons and solutions for when AI clipping isn't available or functioning.

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It could be due to your video not having enough content for AI to analyze, we recommend uploading videos longer than 15 minutes for the best results. The minimum length for a video to be clipped is 3 minutes. Please note that videos with background music, blurred speech, accented speech, and poor audio quality may affect the AI transcription quality.

Or it could be because you have used all of your usage this month. You can wait until next month's usage to renew or upgrade your plan.

Usage/month for different plans:

  1. Free Plan: 300 minutes of uploads and 50 exports

  2. Creator Plan: 1200 minutes of uploads and 200 exports.

  3. Pro Plan: 6000 minutes of uploads and unlimited exports.

To explore detailed information about our pricing plans and their features, please visit our Pricing page at

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