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Why does the color of my video look incorrect after exporting?
Why does the color of my video look incorrect after exporting?

Causes of color shifts after export and solutions to ensure accurate color representation.

Updated over a week ago

We've noticed some users experiencing color discrepancies in their videos after exports, especially those shot in cinematic mode or HDR on iPhones. Our current software infrastructure is not equipped to handle the advanced color profiles and dynamic range these modes offer. This can result in videos not displaying as intended, with potential issues in color fidelity and overall visual quality.

To ensure your videos look their best on our platform, we recommend the following steps before uploading:

  1. Turn off Cinematic Mode and HDR: If possible, shoot your videos without these features enabled. This adjustment ensures compatibility with our software and prevents the common issues related to color discrepancies.

  2. Convert Your Videos: If your video is already shot in cinematic mode or HDR, consider converting it to a standard dynamic range (SDR) format. Several video editing tools allow you to adjust the color grading and downscale HDR content to fit SDR profiles, helping maintain the visual integrity of your video as much as possible.

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