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Why do I get error messages when I try to upload from link?
Why do I get error messages when I try to upload from link?

Troubleshooting "Upload from Link" Issues

Updated over a week ago
  1. YouTube Live Link:

    Vizard is capable of processing recordings of live videos from YouTube. However, it's important to allow the live video to fully complete its loading or processing on YouTube before attempting to upload it to Vizard. If you encounter an error message indicating that "live" videos cannot be used, it is advisable to wait a bit longer, potentially a few more hours, before trying again.

  2. Google Drive Link:

  • Public Access Required:

    • For successful uploads from Google Drive, ensure your link is set to "public." Restricted access prevents the link from being usable.

  • Additional Considerations:

    • Beyond access settings, common issues include exceeding Google Drive's sharing limits, which restrict how many people can view or download a file within a short period, and format compatibility. Ensure the file format is supported. Additionally, verify that the file size does not exceed the 8G limit.

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