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Why is my video upload taking longer than expected?
Why is my video upload taking longer than expected?

Factors that contribute to longer upload durations and tips for speeding up the process.

Updated over a week ago

If it's during the upload phase, the delay may be due to the large file size or high traffic on our server. We will put up a notice when there's server traffic.

If you are in the uploading phase which tells you to not leave the page, we suggest keeping the page open and checking back after a short while. Alternatively, you may consider re-uploading your content an hour or two later. If you are at the Transcribe or Finding best parts phase, you can safely leave the page and come back later.

If it's during the AI clipping phase, the delay may be due to high traffic on OpenAI's server as we are partly powered by ChatGPT. You can check their server status here.

We are continuously working on optimizing our server to reduce traffic. However, there are times when we coincidentally experience a surge in user uploads, or when our servers are targeted by bot attacks, leading to congestion. We always respond promptly to alleviate these issues. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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