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How many clips can AI generate?
How many clips can AI generate?

Number of clips generated from a single source, limitations, and factors affecting output.

Updated over a week ago

The number of clips generated depends on how long your video is and the content. On average, Vizard can turn a 20-minute video into approximately 10 clips. If you want more clips, you can select "<30s" for the clip duration instead of "Auto" before uploading. Please note that the clip number may be less too if you select "60s-90s", or "90s-3min" for the duration.

To ensure the AI has enough content to clip, we generally recommend uploading videos longer than 15 minutes. The video doesn't have enough content for AI clipping and will not generate clips after upload. However, you can still access the original video editor and manually clipping it.

Finding clips are less than expected?

The issue of generating fewer clips than expected is often related to the browser cache. Our team suggests clearing your browser cache before attempting to upload again. This action can help resolve the issue, potentially leading to an increased number of clips being generated. Additionally, please note that to conserve resources, we prioritize our paid users, so free users may experience receiving fewer clips than usual.

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