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How to extend and add more content to AI-generated clips
How to extend and add more content to AI-generated clips

Extend your clips when AI clipping cut off in the middle of the sentence

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Q: Why does the clip sometimes start and stop in awkward places and cut off in the middle of the sentence?

A: The AI will choose the content that it thinks is entertaining for the viewers. Sometimes there's a chance AI will stop in the middle of a sentence. Since ChatGPT powers us (and almost all other competitors), we assume this is because of some glitch in ChatGPT that we cannot fix.

How to fix it:

You can click on "edit" and extend the sentence or decide if you want to include a little more content in the video.

  1. Edit Your Clip:

    Choose the clip you want to expand and click on the "Edit" button to open it in the editing interface.

  2. Revert Previous Edits:

    Look for text within the editor that has a strike-through. This indicates content that was edited out or designated for removal. Click on the "Revert" button to restore this text to its original state, allowing for further modifications or additions.

    Extend the clip

Need Even More Content?

  • Opt for Longer Clip Duration: Before uploading, consider selecting a longer clip duration. This provides a broader canvas for the AI to generate content, potentially reducing the need for additional edits.

  • Dive into the Original Video Editor: If the clip editor doesn't offer enough content for your needs, head back to the original video editor. Look for AI-suggested parts within the video. These suggestions can guide you to areas ripe for content addition. From here, you'll be able to manually create a clip that includes all the elements you're looking to showcase.

You can also create clips manually. Go to the original video's editor after upload, and select the transcript you want to create clips.

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